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Discover the Proven Coaching System that will assist you to become a Coach & teach you how create a 7 figure coaching  practice in this 4 - Part Free Training Series!

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Are you seeking to become a Certified Coach? Do you want to become a Life Coach, Health Coach, or Business Coach? Maybe you are already successful coach but you don't know how to reach the next level in growing your coaching practice. Discover the Breakthrough Experience of becoming a Certified Coach with the one and only Jeffery Combs. Jeffery has coached over 8,500 clients and over 50,000 hours 1 on 1 with his clients, 41 who have become Millionaires after and while coaching with Jeff. 

Jeff's passion is entrepreneurship and assisting others to understand why they do what they do so they can build a foundation for changing. In 1997, Jeff founded Golden Mastermind Seminars INC after earning his way out of $100,000 in credit card debt and continued on to earn 7 Figures a year for 17 years straight. Jeff is also the founder of "Breakthroughs To Success", a three day hands on workshop and "More Heart Than Talent" and one day seminar, both designed to teach people how their brain operates and how to breakthrough our limiting beliefs. 

Through coaching one on one, and to groups around the world, Jeff has developed the unique ability to see the root causes behind the stories and events that keep us stuck, and he can cut to the chase quickly. Inside this four Part Free Certified Coaching Training, Jeff is going to guide you through some of few basic principles on how to create a successful coaching practice. In just 12 days, you are going to learn some of secret techniques 7 Figure Coaches use to create leads and attract clients, provide value and solution oriented sequences, and how to ask for re-hires and referrals to create an income producing profitable practice. This is the stuff that you will not learn in any business or breakthrough class!

What You Will Learn

The Jeffery Combs Certified Coaching Program is loaded with the insight and strategies that Jeff has used successfully to run a 7-Figure coaching practice for the last 20 years. This material works, and is proven over and over again with every new client who is seeking to succeed. 

Here is a snapshot of what you'll learn in the Certified Coaching Program: 

  • Understand Your Niche - Learn to establish who you are in the market and hone in on your aptitudes. Gain guided focus to areas you do well already and where you have power. Learn how to attract the clients you deserve to acquire as your students.
  • The Inner Game Of Coaching - Learn to be in a state of relaxed focus as you get into coaching shape, which is the emotional discipline of repetition and experience. Most importantly, create the space to energetically relate and connect with clients through asking, answering and listening. 
  • Creating Leads & Clients - Learn to use innovation and creativity to create and attract leads. Use proven techniques like the art of the free 15 minute consultation along with how to write the copy and content that will attract clients. And… learn branding techniques and branding skills to create the compounded effect in your coaching practice.
What Will The Certified Coaching Course With Jeffery Combs Do For You?

Using Jeffery’s proven coaching system, you will learn from an expert who has raised the standard in the coaching industry.  Get ready to take your coaching practice to the next level!  He will teach you to become an acute listener, a master asker, and gain a better understanding of the cause and effect relationships that keep clients stuck.  Jeffery will teach you to understand predictability and how to trust your intuition so that you can assist your clients to a result.  Also, you will receive the organizational structure to run your business, to establish your value in the market, create your brand, and learn techniques to gain clients and re-hires.

With one click you can begin learning how to take yourself as a coach to the next level without any risk at all. Here is your chance to learn from one of the most sought after coaches in the world. So sign up and begin learning NOW!

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